Casino Security Synopsis

The “eye in the sky” is on every table and almost every single player in a casino. Due to the large amount of cash that casino’s generate, this high-level of security is a requirement. A great deal of time, money and effort are spent to develop a top-notch security system.

Levels of Security

The first level of security is the game floor employees. Dealers, pit bosses, waitresses and security guards are all watching gaming patrons to ensure all rules are being followed. Dealers focus on their current game; looking for cheaters and thieves. Table managers are watching multiple tables at once looking for cheaters, watching the dealers, changing money and gambling accessories.

Pit bosses keep an eye on the table managers as well as look for betting patterns among the patrons. Meanwhile, the numerous cameras spread throughout the casino watch everyone. The only area of the casino that doesn’t have floor security constantly watching is the slots section. This is because slot winners are generated randomly utilizing computer chips.

The “Eye in the Sky”

Security cameras are mounted throughout the casino; in the ceiling, change window and doorways. The cameras can usually turn in a 360 degree motion and zoom in on specific players or areas of the casino. These are operated by security guards in a room filled with monitors. All video is recorded in the case that a crime occurs. This allows the casino to review the tapes and find the offender.

Tips to Ensure Rules are Followed

There are a few tips to ensure you will remain in security’s good graces. These include:

  • Don’t touch gaming equipment
  • Don’t reach across the table
  • Don’t disturb others
  • Don’t touch your chips after a bet has been placed

One of the most important rules is to not touch any gaming equipment such as cards, dice or other player’s chips. If you must touch something use only one hand and make it as visible as possible. Also, instead of reaching all the way across the table to grab something, ask the dealing to move it for you. This way you aren’t in the way of others and are less likely to spill drinks.

Another beneficial tip is to not disturb others while they’re playing. Although watching games is permitted, don’t disturb others while watching. Finally, never touch your chips